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Five x Five Flight is an FAA part 61 flight school located at Conroe-North Houston Regional (KCXO), a class Delta airport just north of Houston, Texas. Our mission is to provide quality flight instruction to students and pilots of all ages and experience level.
!!! Earn your PVT, INST, COMM, Multi with the best!!!
Our school has some of the most experienced and highly trained flight instructors in all of Houston, with in excess of 20,000 hours of general aviation and legacy airline flight time.
We provide: ground instruction, flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks, and high-performance endorsements
for those that just want to see what flying is like, we have discovery flights.

During your discovery flight, an instructor will take you up, let you take the flight controls, and teach you to fly the aircraft.
Our fleet contains a Cessna 172, an Archer PA-28, and a Duchess BE-76. These aircraft are used the world over for flight instruction. All of our aircraft are maintained by FAA certified mechanics and inspected to the highest FAA standards. Our fleet is available for lease, with or without instructors.
Conveniently located just off I-45, we are 15-25 mins away from Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, Kingwood and Humble. Whether you need primary training, or a flight review, Five x Five can cover all aspects of your training. Five x Five is also authorized to provide flight instruction to international students.

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Private / Instrument / Commercial

Whether you’re looking to fly an airplane by yourself, find the perfect $100 hamburger, poke holes in clouds or get paid to fly, we can help. Our fleet of meticulously maintained training aircraft and highly trained CFIs are readily available to meet your training needs. Additionally, the Conroe airport (CXO) provides the ideal training environment with excellent airport facilities and close access to training areas. Our flight training program can take you as far and as high as you want to go.


Flight Instructor

If you’re looking to help others learn the skills to fly, or build time to move on to future plans, our CFI program can take you there. Our cadre of professional CFI’s with thousands of combined training hours can give you the skills and knowledge needed to not only pass the CFI checkride, but also be a safe and skilled instructor.


Accelerated Multi-Engine

Want to go far, fast or high? Want to do it quick? Our accelerated multi-engine add-on program is one of the quickest ways to get there. Our team of highly trained MEIs combined with our mild-mannered Beechcraft Duchess can take you from single-engine to multi-engine pilot in just a few short days.

Our Fleet





PA-28-181 (Archer II)


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Flight - $55 per hour

Ground - $55 per hour


C-172, Skyhawk, N2645L - $145 per hour

PA-28-181, Archer II, N47971 - $165 per hour

BE-76, Duchess, N24GM - $400 per hour

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